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Use PHP to Detect Internet Explorer 11 and Below

As I’ve mentioned before, Microsoft dropped conditional comment support in Internet Explorer 10 (and didn’t bring it back in IE 11). This means that you must use JavaScript or PHP to detect Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) or Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), which is a darn shame. It’s pretty easy to do, however. Especially if you

WordPress Security: Scan for Security Vulnerabilities

Here’s another WordPress security plugin recommendation! The plugin? Threat Scan Plugin. It has one task and it does it well. It scans all of your files for potential security holes. These holes more often than not utilize PHP eval function, which can allow for an attacker to run malicious code if not sanitized and secured

Security: Monitor Your WordPress Files

When an intrusion occurs on WordPress, depending on the level of breech, attackers can unfortunately modify your files. Generally, they hide in bits of obfuscated code utilizing evals and / or base64_encode /base64_decode. This is often found in the footer or header php files, or even the single.php file. A lot of attackers even go

Scout: How to Fix Error #3214

After installing Scout / ScoutApp, the most awesome SASS compiler available, you may encounter an error when trying to run a newly created project. This error — called Error #3214, is easily fixed and means either 1 of 2 things: 1) You don’t have Java installed 2) You have Java installed, but not in a

WordPress Site Hacked – Scan Your Files for Malicious Code

WordPress is one of the most common CMS / blogging platforms available today. It’s free, robust, and easy to use. This makes it a big target for hackers. They setup automated scripts to try and hack you either through WordPress itself, brute force attempts, plugin vulnerabilities, or other means. You can harden your website using

How to Easily Make Local Copy of a Website

There are occasions where you sometimes want to copy an entire website onto your local computer. The range of difficulty for this varies from website to website. How much of it is backend-dependent? Do you have FTP access? Are paths relative or absolute? Etc, etc. Assuming you have absolutely no support from the website owner,

Bootstrap 3: Change Stacking Order

Changing the stacking order of columns in Twitter’s Bootstrap 3 is actually easier than you may think. Excited yet? Calm down. Below is an example situation where you may want to change the stacking order. We have a nice 2 column row that has text on the left and an image on the right. This

WordPress – Remove WordPress Upgrade Notice

Ah, the beloved upgrade notice. It’s always a nice encounter. It fixes bugs and, occasionally, introduces new features, to the beloved WordPress CMS. While I’m always for upgrading whenever possible, there are those who would like to stay with the version they have. This may be for reasons such as developers modifying the core WP

Launched New Website –

Those who know me, know that I am very interested in virtual reality (VR) and all its potential applications. This isn’t limited to just gaming either. Anyway, the year 2014 is the year for VR. Are you interested in VR too? Then follow my new website, for the latest and greatest virtual reality news.

JavaScript – Execute Function After Page Loads – The Best Way!

A lot of people will shrug this off and just use jQuery’s $(document).load with jQuery. Well, sometimes you don’t want to use a whole library and want to use a standard JavaScript solution. You may be thinking then — okay, I’ll go ahead and use window.onload() Well, depending on what you are doing…that won’t work!