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PHP: How to Convert stdClass Object to Array

In my latest project, I am doing SOAP calls to a SOAP service that uses WSSE security headers. If you happen to use PHP’s SoapClient class, then you may notice that when your methods return data, they are returning stdClass Objects. Objects aren’t as easy to work with as arrays, so you may want to

Use PHP to Detect Internet Explorer 11 and Below

As I’ve mentioned before, Microsoft dropped conditional comment support in Internet Explorer 10 (and didn’t bring it back in IE 11). This means that you must use JavaScript or PHP to detect Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) or Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), which is a darn shame. It’s pretty easy to do, however. Especially if you

Fix: SimplePie Feed Randomly Disappearing

I had the distinct pleasure of getting to utilize SimplePie recently for a small project that was requested by a client. What is SimplePie? Here’s their description: SimplePie is a very fast and easy-to-use feed parser, written in PHP, that puts the ‘simple’ back into ‘really simple syndication It works well. Very well — when

Internet Explorer 10 / IE11 – Drops Conditional Comments – Solutions

If you were expecting something good — sorry to disappoint you. This is a rant (though I tried to include some helpful code and a link for 2 methods of dealing with this). Regardless, IE10 dropping conditional comment support is OLD NEWS to many of you. When Internet Explorer 10 was released, Microsoft decided to