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Video: Unity 4.3 New 2D Tools & Workflow

I love game engines. And Unity is one of the biggest out there. They’ve recently released information that they’re adding 2D tools to their 3D game engine, which of course is big news! Here’s a recently released video on it.

IDEs for Corona SDK Development

I’ve put together a list of IDEs that can be used for development with Corona SDK. Some of the software recommended on here may have you going “that’s not an IDE! it’s just a text editor!”. Yeah, well…who cares! Koneki – It’s free and part of the Eclipse product family. This is standalone OR can

Notepad++ Plugin: LUA + Corona API Autocompletion

Notepad++ is great. It has all the benefits of similar paid-for software, but with the bonus of being free. It has support for MANY languages too, of which many it can allow you to “AUTOCOMPLETE” words and so forth. Unfortunately, this is not the case with LUA, as no language file for it was included.