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ExpressionEngine – How to Fix: “This form has expired. Please refresh and try again.”

ExpressionEngine is the bees knees. You do, however, run into the occasional hiccup. This post is about such a hiccup! (when using ExpressionEngine 2.8.1, though other versions do have the same problem) When building a simple form contact form that submits through POST, I encountered the following error message: “This form has expired. Please refresh

How to Fix: ExpressionEngine – Custom URLs Not Working

That’s right. A third ExpressionEngine post in a row! This one is about pretty URL’s / clean URL’s / custom URL’s and is most often encountered when moving an ExpressionEngine website to a new server — and that’s what my story is about. If you moved your ExpressionEngine website to a new server and tried

How to Fix: ExpressionEngine – Missing Entries

If you encounter this issue, then you must be burning the midnight oil! When you have a lot of entries, you may notice that some of them are no longer showing up or some are disappearing at random. This is because there is a default LIMIT of 100 entries. Once you reach 101, the issue

How to Fix: Can’t Login to ExpressionEngine

I’ve been debating about whether or not I should bother to write up an entry about this particular situation. Why? Because it has an obvious solution! Read on to see why… The situation: After moving a website from a staging server to its production counterpart, an issue was encountered. When logging into ExpressionEngine, nothing happened.