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Drupal SQL Injection – SA-CORE-2014-005

This probably hasn’t received as much attention as it should have in web development circles, but for the past couple of weeks, there have been a huge influx of Drupal websites being hacked. The culprit? A nasty SQL injection vulnerability that exists in Drupal 7.x (and was later fixed using Drupal 7.32). This vulnerability, which

Adanced Custom Fields – TextArea Field Removes Backslashes

ACF is a WordPress great plugin that has so many different applications. It can allow you to easily add extra fields for clients — fields that can be used to do a countless number of things. It isn’t perfect. There is one minor annoyance that I ran into with it the other day. The textarea

ExpressionEngine – How to Fix: “This form has expired. Please refresh and try again.”

ExpressionEngine is the bees knees. You do, however, run into the occasional hiccup. This post is about such a hiccup! (when using ExpressionEngine 2.8.1, though other versions do have the same problem) When building a simple form contact form that submits through POST, I encountered the following error message: “This form has expired. Please refresh

Using Shortcodes in Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Plugin

Want to know what one of the best plugins for WordPress is? Advanced Custom Fields. It allows you to create custom fields for your layout easily and transform the interface as you see fit. And the best part? It’s easily implemented through code. Generally, I use this plugin to add simple extra fields to specific

How to Fix: ExpressionEngine – Custom URLs Not Working

That’s right. A third ExpressionEngine post in a row! This one is about pretty URL’s / clean URL’s / custom URL’s and is most often encountered when moving an ExpressionEngine website to a new server — and that’s what my story is about. If you moved your ExpressionEngine website to a new server and tried

How to Fix: ExpressionEngine – Missing Entries

If you encounter this issue, then you must be burning the midnight oil! When you have a lot of entries, you may notice that some of them are no longer showing up or some are disappearing at random. This is because there is a default LIMIT of 100 entries. Once you reach 101, the issue

How to Fix: Can’t Login to ExpressionEngine

I’ve been debating about whether or not I should bother to write up an entry about this particular situation. Why? Because it has an obvious solution! Read on to see why… The situation: After moving a website from a staging server to its production counterpart, an issue was encountered. When logging into ExpressionEngine, nothing happened.

Review: Media Temple – Premium WordPress Hosting

Media Temple (MT) is one of the primary web hosts that I get the pleasure of dealing with. Their DV servers are nice and their support is awesome. Their Grid Server hosting, though? Not so awesome. It was often slow and finicky, plus had odd caching issues. Today, I get to play around with their

Fix MySQL: Uncaught exception, MySQL server has gone away

For a recent Drupal 7 project, I had to import a large database into XAMPP. There was a particular string that was very, very long and would trigger the following MySQL error: Uncaught exception, MySQL server has gone away The solution is easy. Go to your XAMPP folder or whatever folder your setup is in

XAMPP + Drupal 7: Clean URLs Not Working (Fix)

When using XAMPP and importing a Drupal website, I ran across an issue. The clean URLs weren’t working for some reason. Load your Apache httpd.conf file and search for AllowOverride None. Replace it with AllowOverride All. All should work nicely now! This fix isn’t specific to XAMPP, mind you. It should also work on similar