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How to Solve – PostFix/SMTP: Certificate Verification Failed, Untrusted Issuer

Here’s another email post for you guys! One of my clients moved their hosting to a brand new server recently (MediaTemple) and were unable to receive emails to their Office 365 / Outlook 365 when they were sent from this new web server. First things first — check the logs, located at… /usr/local/psa/var/log/maillog If you

Solve: Can’t Send Email to Own Domain After Moving Server (New A Record)

Frequently, web developers often have to move their clients to new hosting environments. It can be a tiny move, or a huge move, depending on the requirements. A great example of a small move is when you purchase hosting for your client, and then alter their zone file’s A Record to point to the new

Heartbleed Vulnerability – Oh My!

Anyone who works closely with the IT world is likely well aware that recently, a vulnerability in the popular cryptographic software library — OpenSSL — has become very publicized and pathed the way for attackers to collect sensitive / private information. This particular vulnerability is getting so much attention not just because it has existed

Review: Media Temple – Premium WordPress Hosting

Media Temple (MT) is one of the primary web hosts that I get the pleasure of dealing with. Their DV servers are nice and their support is awesome. Their Grid Server hosting, though? Not so awesome. It was often slow and finicky, plus had odd caching issues. Today, I get to play around with their

Fix MySQL: Uncaught exception, MySQL server has gone away

For a recent Drupal 7 project, I had to import a large database into XAMPP. There was a particular string that was very, very long and would trigger the following MySQL error: Uncaught exception, MySQL server has gone away The solution is easy. Go to your XAMPP folder or whatever folder your setup is in

XAMPP + Drupal 7: Clean URLs Not Working (Fix)

When using XAMPP and importing a Drupal website, I ran across an issue. The clean URLs weren’t working for some reason. Load your Apache httpd.conf file and search for AllowOverride None. Replace it with AllowOverride All. All should work nicely now! This fix isn’t specific to XAMPP, mind you. It should also work on similar

Fix: MediaTemple Not Showing PHP Errors or PHP Notices / Warnings

MediaTemple is a great hosting company. They give you access to all the tools you need, especially when using a DV server, and they have awesome, responsive support. Unfortunately, their KnowledgeBase guides are a bit…outdated…and occasionally not 100% correct. It can leave you going “DERP! I did that! Why you no work!?” Obviously, this occurred

Guide: Ubuntu Server – Dynamic Internal Network IP for WordPress, FTP, SQL

At work, we have dynamic IP addresses assigned to our workstations. This is typical for work environments. Unfortunately, this is an annoyance for those in the field of web development, who use IP addresses for things like FTP, MySQL, and WordPress configurations. Drupal doesn’t care if your IP changes. However, WordPress does. You will be