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WordPress: $post Object Attributes

The $post object is used constantly in WordPress. Whether you are developing a custom theme or even a WordPress plugin, you may very likely end up utilizing the $post object to grab data from posts. And so, in that regard, it’s useful to have a simple list of $post attributes for reference. If you are

Launched New Website –

Those who know me, know that I am very interested in virtual reality (VR) and all its potential applications. This isn’t limited to just gaming either. Anyway, the year 2014 is the year for VR. Are you interested in VR too? Then follow my new website, for the latest and greatest virtual reality news.

How to Fix: Windows 8 Desktop, Task Bar, Applications Zoomed In

Bad title for a post… Basically, after upgrading to Windows 8.1, I started having issues with my start bar looking “glitched”, desktop icon sizes messing up, and some applications looking as if they were zoomed in. At first, I thought it was driver issues relating to my notebook / laptop’s 650M SLI configuration not working

Windows 8.1 – Nice, But Nothing Major

Many people hate Windows 8 to death. Why? Solely because of the new “start menu” design. Some people have other reasons too (such as compatibility issues that may crop up ocassionally), but by-and-large, it’s the start menu. Me, though, I do not hate Windows 8. In fact, I was an early adopter of it, having

MediaTemple – Grid Server VS DV Server – Review

Two of the most popular hosting services provided by MediaTemple are their Grid Server (GS) hosting, as well as their Dedicated Virtual (DV) VPS hosting. I’ve had the opportunity to experience both to varying degrees through working with clients, therefore I thought I’d write an overdue review about my experience. Don’t worry, it’ll be short

How to Fix – Google Analytics – “Value is not a valid domain”

Google Analytics has what may be a “bug” right now. Whether it’s intentional or not, you are unable to supply a subdirectory / subfolder for the Default URL under “Property Settings” and “View Settings”. The error message you’ll get when attempting such — Value is not a valid domain. This is extremely inconvenient. There are

How to Fix – TortoiseSVN: Can’t set position pointer in file ‘/tmp/svn-XXXX’: No space left on device

When using TortoiseSVN, I recently encountered this pesky error (on Windows 7). Can’t set position pointer in file ‘/tmp/svn-Z5vuSh’: No space left on device The strange thing was that the server being used was only 1% full. So what was happening? I decided it must be a local issue and restarted my computer. That did

Text, Copy-friendly List of US States (AND) Abbreviation

Programmers all eventually need to deal with a list of states. Most of the time people will attempt to grab a list off Google…only to find out that they aren’t in an easy-to-use, copy+pastable format. Hopefully the below lists of United States of America (USA) states and abbreviations help Personally, I needed these for a

Guide: What are Trunks, Branches, and Tags

If you are new to repositories (SubVersion / SVN, Git, etc), then this brief explanation should help. Please note that the name(s) of these can change from repo to repo and be whatever the owner wants. However, it is best practice to follow this naming convention to avoid confusion. Also note that some companies use

FAQ: Do I Need to Uninstall My Old Video Card Drivers Before Updating Them?

That all depends. How old is your card? If it’s old (and I MEAN old), then yes. Older graphics card installs did not remove the old versions of the drivers + software, which caused many people do have duplicates of these things. Generally, it’s harmless, but it can impact performance sometimes. However, this is no