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Fixing HTML Emails – Blank Space Around Images in Tables

Some email services and clients react very strangely when dealing with HTML. If you develop HTML emails frequently, then you know all about that though. If you don’t, then let this post be your tip of the day. Let’s say you have a table in your email that contains 2 images — a top and

Using Shortcodes in Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Plugin

Want to know what one of the best plugins for WordPress is? Advanced Custom Fields. It allows you to create custom fields for your layout easily and transform the interface as you see fit. And the best part? It’s easily implemented through code. Generally, I use this plugin to add simple extra fields to specific

Best SASS Structure

People use SASS for many reasons. Some of these reasons are: It makes things more organized than having just one big CSS file Mixins can be very useful to save time Being able to utilize variables allows for fast, global changes (if implemented in such a way) The separation of files makes it easier for

Email Preview Messages – Using Preheaders

Modern Email clients for both mobile and desktop frequently allow users to preview part of the email’s message before even loading the email. This is generally a short blurb that is around 75 characters in length, though it varies between clients. We can manipulate this preview’able text. Why might you want to do that? Well,

Review: MailChimp – The Email Campaign Service

I’ve started off many of my posts on this blog the same way, but here we go: As a web developer at a company with many, many clients, I get to play around with a bunch of tools and services that, normally, would not be in my reach. One of such is MailChimp — the