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FAQ: Do I Need to Uninstall My Old Video Card Drivers Before Updating Them?

That all depends. How old is your card? If it’s old (and I MEAN old), then yes. Older graphics card installs did not remove the old versions of the drivers + software, which caused many people do have duplicates of these things. Generally, it’s harmless, but it can impact performance sometimes. However, this is no

HTML / CSS Techniques for Hiding Elements – And display:none VS visibility:hidden

There’s more than one way to hide content. You can z-index it behind other content (such as a DIV) by setting a negative value: #theContent { z-index:-11111 } You can move it off the page: #theContent { position:absolute;top:-9999em;left:-9999em; } These two ways are not necessarily the best way to go. More common ways are through