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Bootstrap 3.2.0 Released! – Brings Responsive Video Embeds

Okay. So it brings a lot more than just responsive support to things like YouTube videos, but that is definitely one of the highlights! No longer will you be required to use things such as FitVids.js (an awesome script, by the way) in your Bootstrap projects just to make videos responsive. And if you did

Solve: Can’t Send Email to Own Domain After Moving Server (New A Record)

Frequently, web developers often have to move their clients to new hosting environments. It can be a tiny move, or a huge move, depending on the requirements. A great example of a small move is when you purchase hosting for your client, and then alter their zone file’s A Record to point to the new

Graceful Degradation vs Progressive Enhancement

There are many ways to approach optimal browser support. For example, you can use very basic CSS and HTML with as little bells-and-whistles as possible. This helps ensure the same experience across all browsers (for better or for worse). What if you could support all browsers, as well as have nice effects? That’s right, you

ExpressionEngine – How to Fix: “This form has expired. Please refresh and try again.”

ExpressionEngine is the bees knees. You do, however, run into the occasional hiccup. This post is about such a hiccup! (when using ExpressionEngine 2.8.1, though other versions do have the same problem) When building a simple form contact form that submits through POST, I encountered the following error message: “This form has expired. Please refresh