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Bootstrap 3: How to Enable Hover and Toggle for Nav

By default, Bootstrap 3’s navigation has menus toggle’able — you click to have them open / show, and click to have them shut (hide). Wouldn’t it be nice to also have menus open through hovering your mouse over them? Luckily, it isn’t complicated to do! And the best part? It only takes minor CSS to

WordPress – How to Fix “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”

Just attempt to upgrade your WordPress website only to find that the following message is stuck? Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute. Yeah. It happens. Especially if the upgrade fails / times out. Luckily, it’s not tough to get rid of this error. All you need is FTP access! Load up

MediaTemple – Grid Server VS DV Server – Review

Two of the most popular hosting services provided by MediaTemple are their Grid Server (GS) hosting, as well as their Dedicated Virtual (DV) VPS hosting. I’ve had the opportunity to experience both to varying degrees through working with clients, therefore I thought I’d write an overdue review about my experience. Don’t worry, it’ll be short

How to Fix – Google Analytics – “Value is not a valid domain”

Google Analytics has what may be a “bug” right now. Whether it’s intentional or not, you are unable to supply a subdirectory / subfolder for the Default URL under “Property Settings” and “View Settings”. The error message you’ll get when attempting such — Value is not a valid domain. This is extremely inconvenient. There are

The Noun Project – Ideas for Icons

Icons and symbols represent a whole slew of different “things” on a website and often are associated with a word or phrase. What icon would you use to represent “Graduation”? Probably a graduation cap. What about an icon for “Strength”? A muscly arm works! …What about respect? Wow. That’s a tricky one! It’s unfortunate, but

WordPress – get_posts – Show Sticky Posts First

WordPress has a feature called “Sticky Posts” (it’s under the “Visibility” section for WordPress posts). As the name implies, the post will be pinned to the front page if checked. Unfortunately, get_posts seems to ignore this … and will show (by default) in Chronological Order…Which is fine usually. That’s how news should be. There are

Internet Explorer 10 / IE11 – Drops Conditional Comments – Solutions

If you were expecting something good — sorry to disappoint you. This is a rant (though I tried to include some helpful code and a link for 2 methods of dealing with this). Regardless, IE10 dropping conditional comment support is OLD NEWS to many of you. When Internet Explorer 10 was released, Microsoft decided to

How to Fix: Internet Explorer YouTube Video Showing Above Fixed Element / Ignoring Z-Index

Internet Explorer has an issue? No way! Joking aside…Today I encountered an issue with YouTube iframes showing above a top-aligned, fixed navigation bar, which became obvious as you scrolled down the page and the video showed on top. This is not difficult to fix. You can modify the embed code pretty painlessly to get it

Drupal – Fix White Screen of Death!

Drupal can be an absolute mess to work with sometimes, especially when new to it. And generally speaking, you’ll encounter the White Screen of Death at least once in your Drupal experience if you do any sort of module or theme editing / creation. Luckily, it can be easy to fix. Just follow the below

WordPress – PHP for Simple Related Links (Using Categories)

Want to display posts from the same category as whatever post is being viewed? No problem. Simply copy the below and paste it into your theme wherever you’d like them to be displayed. Good spots: bottom of the post, footer, sidebar. This is set to spit out 5 posts right now. Change as needed. <?php