Monthly Archive:: March 2014

Review: Media Temple – Premium WordPress Hosting

Media Temple (MT) is one of the primary web hosts that I get the pleasure of dealing with. Their DV servers are nice and their support is awesome. Their Grid Server hosting, though? Not so awesome. It was often slow and finicky, plus had odd caching issues. Today, I get to play around with their

Git – Force Overwrite of Untracked Working Tree Files

When it comes to version control, I prefer Subversion over Git. This is for several reasons: 1) Subversion is easier to use 2) The software that interfaces with SVN is generally simple and well-polished 3) It’s what I know the most With that said, I do believe that Git has the most capabilities. Why am

Fix MySQL: Uncaught exception, MySQL server has gone away

For a recent Drupal 7 project, I had to import a large database into XAMPP. There was a particular string that was very, very long and would trigger the following MySQL error: Uncaught exception, MySQL server has gone away The solution is easy. Go to your XAMPP folder or whatever folder your setup is in

XAMPP + Drupal 7: Clean URLs Not Working (Fix)

When using XAMPP and importing a Drupal website, I ran across an issue. The clean URLs weren’t working for some reason. Load your Apache httpd.conf file and search for AllowOverride None. Replace it with AllowOverride All. All should work nicely now! This fix isn’t specific to XAMPP, mind you. It should also work on similar