How to Fix – TortoiseSVN: Can’t set position pointer in file ‘/tmp/svn-XXXX’: No space left on device

TortoiseSVNWhen using TortoiseSVN, I recently encountered this pesky error (on Windows 7).
Can’t set position pointer in file ‘/tmp/svn-Z5vuSh’: No space left on device

The strange thing was that the server being used was only 1% full. So what was happening?

I decided it must be a local issue and restarted my computer. That did not fix it, of course. So the next step was to use Disk Cleanup to delete my temporary files (this can be accessed in the START menu — type in DISK to bring it up faster).

Next, I loaded the SETTINGS area for TortoiseSVN and cleared all my logs under “SAVED DATA”. Like magic, it now worked. Was it the clearing of the temporary files that fixed the issue? Was it the clearing of the Tortoise logs? Or did the server magically fix itself?

The world will never know! However, YOU will now hopefully have some ideas of things to try to get rid of the problem.

Edit: You can also try a handful of other things as well, such as SVN Cleanup. Here’s some info provided by TortoiseSVN on cleaning things up like a champ: Cleanup


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