How to Fix: Drupal Can’t Login / Login Screen Does Nothing

DrupalIf there’s one thing I have a gift for, it’s creating bad titles for posts!

When setting up a WAMP stack the other day (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP), I needed to grab a Drupal instance from a repository.

This is pretty easy to do — it was an almost-unmodified copy of Drupal, there was a MySQL dump available for importing, and all specific environment information was in an extended config file.

I updated the information (database credentials), imported the database, set the CHMOD permissions, and boom — Drupal was up and running.

Except when I tried to login, nothing happened. There was no error message or anything like that (even when a bad password was used). The Drupal login page was simply refreshed each time the login form was submitted.

The solution in this case was simple. You must enable the mod_rewrite Apache module (it’s simply called rewrite_module on WAMP).


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