HTML Colors – Assistance for the Colorblind

As some of you may know, I am partially colorblind.
Color Palette
Rather than let this hold me back at all, I make sure to utilize all resources available to me.

And so, I am here to assist in such!

HTML Color Picker – W3Schools is a great resource. This particular page allows you to type in a HTML color code (or pick one from their supplied palette) and then generates lighter and darker versions of the color, while also supplying the HTML code for each. This is very convenient — even for those with no colorblindness!

CSS Colors – This is W3Schools again. There are similar pages out there that list a whole bunch of different color hex codes (and their RGB values), but this one works great for me. I particularly like their shades of gray.

PAT or JK’s Color Spy 3.0 – Sometimes you want to find a color used on a webpage, in an image, or in an application. Sure, you could use your web browser’s respective inspector or web developer tools…or you can use something called a Color Spy. While not as popular now adays, they still have their place in conveniently allowing you to find out the hex color or RGB of any pixel on your screen in a matter of seconds. The download link is at the bottom of the page.

ColorCombos – We, the colorblind, are not always good at picking colors that go together when building websites. What looks good in our eyes…may not necessarily look good in the eyes of others. Of course, this is true regardless of eye disabilities, but I digress. ColorCombos is a website dedicated to providing good color schemes to web designers. You simply choose a color and it will supply you with colors that go with the one you have chosen. It’s very convenient for helping you to build themes too.

RGB color to PMS colors – I used this today when asked to create a style guide for one of our clients. Feed in the HTML hex code, then watch it convert — giving you RGB, HSV, CMYK, and even PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors.

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