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Guide: Ubuntu Server – Dynamic Internal Network IP for WordPress, FTP, SQL

At work, we have dynamic IP addresses assigned to our workstations. This is typical for work environments. Unfortunately, this is an annoyance for those in the field of web development, who use IP addresses for things like FTP, MySQL, and WordPress configurations. Drupal doesn’t care if your IP changes. However, WordPress does. You will be

Google Fonts – The Solution to Custom, Fancy Web Fonts

In my line of work, I often receive PSD (Photoshop files) of Web Layouts, which I have to then turn into HTML, CSS, etc. These layouts almost always use a custom font that looks amazing. Unfortunately though, as most web developers and designers know, you cannot use any font you’d like on the web. It

HTML Colors – Assistance for the Colorblind

As some of you may know, I am partially colorblind. Rather than let this hold me back at all, I make sure to utilize all resources available to me. And so, I am here to assist in such! HTML Color Picker – W3Schools is a great resource. This particular page allows you to type in