Monthly Archive:: August 2013

IDEs for Corona SDK Development

I’ve put together a list of IDEs that can be used for development with Corona SDK. Some of the software recommended on here may have you going “that’s not an IDE! it’s just a text editor!”. Yeah, well…who cares! Koneki – It’s free and part of the Eclipse product family. This is standalone OR can

Notepad++ Plugin: LUA + Corona API Autocompletion

Notepad++ is great. It has all the benefits of similar paid-for software, but with the bonus of being free. It has support for MANY languages too, of which many it can allow you to “AUTOCOMPLETE” words and so forth. Unfortunately, this is not the case with LUA, as no language file for it was included.

How to Fix – TortoiseSVN: Can’t set position pointer in file ‘/tmp/svn-XXXX’: No space left on device

When using TortoiseSVN, I recently encountered this pesky error (on Windows 7). Can’t set position pointer in file ‘/tmp/svn-Z5vuSh’: No space left on device The strange thing was that the server being used was only 1% full. So what was happening? I decided it must be a local issue and restarted my computer. That did

Web Design: Easy Image Placeholders

Whipping up a website and need quick image placeholders? You could just find random images on the web…or you can generate some instead! And that’s where comes in. This awesome website outputs images of any specified size easily. Want a 110x140px image? No problem! Link to×140 What about that red blank icon? Sure,

Text, Copy-friendly List of US States (AND) Abbreviation

Programmers all eventually need to deal with a list of states. Most of the time people will attempt to grab a list off Google…only to find out that they aren’t in an easy-to-use, copy+pastable format. Hopefully the below lists of United States of America (USA) states and abbreviations help Personally, I needed these for a

WordPress – Running a Shortcode INSIDE of Theme Files

Many plugins utilize shortcodes for easy insertion. While these are normally geared towards being used in posts and pages, they can also be used in the theme files / template itself! And the best part? It’s simple to do. How simple? Well, one line of code is all it takes! <?php echo do_shortcode("[yourcode]"); ?> Easy

How to Fix – Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _wp_post_revision_fields()

I just encountered the following WordPress upgrade error when moving to 3.6 (though you may be experiencing it with WordPress 3.7 or newer): Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _wp_post_revision_fields() in /home/xxxx/public_html/xxxx/wp-includes/revision.php on line 25 Pesky, huh? Easily fixed though. Download the latest copy of WordPress, then connect to your site via FTP. Rename wp-includes (or delete

WordPress: How to Add More Upload Categories

Many websites upload a whole bunch of different file types to their website(s). This is done so easily through WordPress, that people feel compelled to put anything and everything up. Great, right? Yes and no. Doing so leaves you with a media folder jumbled with a whole bunch of different file types that have less