How to Fix: ExpressionEngine – Custom URLs Not Working

That’s right. A third ExpressionEngine post in a row! This one is about pretty URL’s / clean URL’s / custom URL’s and is most often encountered when moving an ExpressionEngine website to a new server — and that’s what my story is about.

If you moved your ExpressionEngine website to a new server and tried going to a page, you may encounter a problem with none of the URLs working. It may be a 404 error, internal server error, or something similar (depending on your server’s error handling).

Chances are that this is occurring because you forgot to copy over the HTACCESS file into the root directory (where the admin.php exists). Copy this over and it should work!

One other possible issue is that mod_rewrite is either not installed or is not functioning on the server being used. You can find out through many means, but one popular method is making a PHP info page and verifying that mod_rewrite is listed. You can make such a page using simple code:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

If it isn’t listed, then it may not be installed.

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