How to Fix: ExpressionEngine – Missing Entries

If you encounter this issue, then you must be burning the midnight oil!

When you have a lot of entries, you may notice that some of them are no longer showing up or some are disappearing at random.

This is because there is a default LIMIT of 100 entries. Once you reach 101, the issue begins.

You can bypass this limit through specifying a LIMIT in your ExpressionEngine template code. For example:

{exp:channel:entries channel="NAME" orderby="date" show_future_entries="yes" dynamic="no" limit="999"}

The reason I write about this is because it’s not always the most obvious of problems. The default limit isn’t mentioned much in the documentation (as of this post) and assistance with ExpressionEngine can sometimes be sparse. Hopefully this will help you in your web endeavors if you’re encountering a similar issue.

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